Sunday, September 15, 2013

adventure in cooking (Edit Post)

I hate to cook. Its why I eat out so much. I love and appreciate good food, but have no skill/ talent for cooking it. There are 2 basic reasons I am such a bad cook.
1. I am very impatient. I don't think about cooking until I am hungry... then I want it now. I have no patience to wait for this to cook or become translucent...etc.. and
2. I hate following directions. I can have all the ingredience, but still don't like to reach each item then do.. I read it all up front catch the main ideas then try to do it how I think will work best... It doesn't work so good. and If I don't have an ingredient I will substitute something of the same color. Ya that doesn't go over to well either.
Today I made some chicken. Breast healthy no skin... I looked on line for some recipes... Found some spinach stuffed chicken.. looked good. even though I had the cheese it called for I really like cream cheese so i substituted it. and made multiple other changes too. like I didn't want to wait for it to bake so I cooked the chicken on the forman grill. Lets say it was edible. I ate it and was no longer hungry. 
I need to just spend more time trying things because a little more seasoning would have gone a long way.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's day everyone

Happy Mother's day Everyone...Yes you too... Happy Mother's day. (Edit Post)

I wish sometimes that I had given birth. Had my own so to speak. It never worked out. When I think about Mother's day... Well I love my Mother so much she has been an inspiration, a care giver, a teacher, a Guide upon which I am grounded. But she is not the only one.... sorry Mom... There are other Mothers in my life. Women who I have called Grandma, and Aunt, and Friend. Some have now passed on and others are still living. Some I still see and others I have lost contact with. Everyone a Mother.  

Each Mother has given me something I cherish. Some Moms have helped my find myself... Grandma Veers, Angie and Diana. Brenda(Laurabeth's Mom) taught me grace under fire. Sarah, my sis taught me how to love unconditionally, and to seek humor in an often uptight world. Bethany sis in law taught me its OK to be a round peg in a square hole/ world. Diana's parents taught me the art of vacationing/ being there. My sis Andi showed me that you really can kill them with kindness, and love them forever. Oh ya and to try try again. Larabeth: patience, Grandma P: Caring, the art of anticipating a need and filling it before being asked. Susie: vaule of family/nature and how to grow up. The list could go on and on and on.... The list would include many men in my life, and people I don't know their names. Many people taught me so many things. Happy Mother's Day.
This Mother's day Don't forget your Mom... and Don't forget your Moms... 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scale victory

I would like to thank the scale...

First I would like to thank the scale for this (2.2 pound / 1KG)Scale Victory. The kind number it displayed was such a welcome gift. 
I must also thank personally my family for whom I no longer make dinner/ or eat with for going the extra mile to feed yourselves.
I would like to thank my friends at MFP for their encouragements, their willingness to also put their journeys out there, sharing their success and failures.
And I also would like to thank MYSELF for not eating everything in sight! For occasionally haveing a bit of self control, and most of all for not giving up. Despite new knee injuries and patient deaths and family issues. I am still here and I am still plugging away. Not perfect just doing the best I can.
I want to dedicate this victory to My MoM! she is also on a weight loss journey.. and is a very special women whom I love so much. Everyday I see myself becoming more like her. I get stronger, and more determined and more responsible. Love you Mom. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

What it means: 60 Min of Exercise

What it means: 60 min of exercise.

I came home from work at 7pm. 
I ate dinner... OK healthy... not perfect...
I got on MFP to log food journal
I saw everyone's exercise diaries...(everyone worked out today! awsome job friends)
I got inspired at 8:15pm and I went to the GYM!!!! In my entire weight loss life I have never gone to exercise on a friday night...
What it means....
I put MY health first! Before going out for fun or drinks/ before a mindless night surfing the web, before chilling in front of a movie, and even before letting anyone at home talk me out of it. I said on my way out the door with my gym bag "Bye babe I will be back in a couple hours. Please make sure the dogs and kid are taken care of. Love you." No chance to say but we need you here; no opening for an issue to come up It means my health is that important, the Family and the Dogs can wait.
PS everyone was fine when I got home. The dogs got feed and went out, and I feel GREAT! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


So I took the girls with me when I dropped Edgar off at the airport for his annual trip to Washington DC. Then I took them Birding with me... Eagleing to be more exact. We went to west alton by the damn. It was awesome to see their excitement... they had never even seen a damn before. There wasn't many eagles because of the weather being so nice this year... but they got so excited esp Tasha. I think I have a budding birding buddy! They were even excited about the goldfinches... (which are not very colorful in the winter.) It was a great outing. So I got back on the diet and exercise wagon...and am back on My fitness pal. feel free to check it out it is a great fit for me. Anyone who of any size or shape will find other folks trying to get fit... runners or lose weight... I use it like facebook... anyway.. with that in mind I have decided to take up walking and recording my steps across USA. starting where We left off in New Mexico. if anyone wants to join me in my long walk or on my fitness pal. let me know... more motivation is a good thing...

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am trying to lose weight....and so far 3 pounds down... not much but at least it is a start. I am planning to audition for the biggest loser. I need and want that kind of motivation. The hardest thing in the world for me is that I don't like to cook. in fact I hate it. I would rather eat cereal for every meal than cook. Having my neighbor girls around so much has been a bit more motivation to cook. but it is really hard when they want to eat things like baked beans and fried chicken. or Raman noodles with sausage and cheese. I made a really good almond crusted talapia last week. it was really good and everyone even Edgar liked it... but it was too much work. I am lazy in the kitchen. My mom made cooking look effortless. It seemed like she would go in the kitchen and a few mins. later out would come this great casserole with delicious vegetables on the side and whole made lemon-aid in a beautiful glass pitcher. I am pretty sure she worked harder than I ever noticed, because I can't ever seem to have the same results. and the food I make sometimes good and sometimes just plain terrible. So when I get off at 6:30 it is too often of to mcdonalds I go. How to break the cycle. what is super fast...low cal filling, low sodium, and pretty good eating? seriously any help would be appreciated.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

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