Sunday, September 15, 2013

adventure in cooking (Edit Post)

I hate to cook. Its why I eat out so much. I love and appreciate good food, but have no skill/ talent for cooking it. There are 2 basic reasons I am such a bad cook.
1. I am very impatient. I don't think about cooking until I am hungry... then I want it now. I have no patience to wait for this to cook or become translucent...etc.. and
2. I hate following directions. I can have all the ingredience, but still don't like to reach each item then do.. I read it all up front catch the main ideas then try to do it how I think will work best... It doesn't work so good. and If I don't have an ingredient I will substitute something of the same color. Ya that doesn't go over to well either.
Today I made some chicken. Breast healthy no skin... I looked on line for some recipes... Found some spinach stuffed chicken.. looked good. even though I had the cheese it called for I really like cream cheese so i substituted it. and made multiple other changes too. like I didn't want to wait for it to bake so I cooked the chicken on the forman grill. Lets say it was edible. I ate it and was no longer hungry. 
I need to just spend more time trying things because a little more seasoning would have gone a long way.  

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